Wembley Stadium service information for guests with access requirements

We recognise the need to ensure the experiences we offer at Wembley Stadium can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We’ve worked with expert partners and specialist user groups (including Level Playing Field, Sport England, Alzheimer’s Society, and Brent Council) to make sure that Wembley Stadium is a welcoming and inclusive venue to all our guests with access requirements.

Information about accessible seating

• There are 310 places for wheelchair users, each with a personal assistant/companion seat. You’ll find them on every level
• We also offer seats to guests with access requirements who do not need a wheelchair user bay. This includes guests with visual or hearing impairment, or guests with other non-visible disabilities
• There are a range of different options available, but all come with a personal assistant/companion seat
• You can read more about how to purchase accessible tickets here: Purchase Accessible Tickets & Proof of Disability.

Information about our staff

Trained stewards and staff members are on hand to assist guests with access requirements. Each viewing platform has a dedicated steward to help if required

Our Customer Engagement Team can be located at information desks across level 1, 2, and 5. They can help with: 

o Loan of assisted listening devices and wheelchairs
o RADAR key access to accessible toilets
o Young Visitor wristbands
o First visit certificates and stickers
o Lost and found claims
o General information on transport and local facilities
o Questions and general feedback on your experience

Information desks can be found in the following locations:

Level 1 Seats (Your Block number starts with 1)

Information Booth at Block 108
Information Booth at Block 137
Information Booth at Gate G
Information Booth at Gate F

Level 2 Seats (Your Block number or suite starts with 2, 3 or 4)

Member Services Booth at 242
Member Services Booth at 212

Level 5 Seats (Your Block number starts with 5)

Information Booth at 514
Information Booth at 539
Our Customer Engagement Team operate a 'pushing and chaperone' service for guests who require additional support in terms of travel to and from their seat. This service is not pre-bookable and can be accessed across all events at the stadium.

The service is available from the Red, Green and Blue Car Parks surrounding the stadium, and anywhere on the stadium footprint. However, this does not include Pink Car Park, hotels, or other areas on the wider Wembley estate

The service can be requested by speaking to one of the Customer Engagement Team members in red jackets with 'here to help' on the back

Guests can be collected or taken to our shuttle bus pick-up point on Rutherford Way (more information can be found here: Disabled Access Shuttle)
Services and facilities for general access requirements
  • There are 147 accessible toiletswithin the stadium. These are all accessed by RADAR key. If you do not own a RADAR key, please request assistance from a steward or Customer Engagement Team member
  • There are two Changing Places units in the stadium, located on Level 1 at Block 104 and Level 5 at Block 552. If you require access, please speak to a member of the Customer Engagement team
  • There are lifts and escalators to the concourse and every level of the stadium to make navigation easier for our guests. Dedicated lifts big enough for two wheelchair users, personal assistants, and an attendant are also available at every entrance 
  • There are accessible queue points and lowered counters at every retail outlet
  • Accessible public telephones are located on all public concourses
  • You’ll find signage and visual indicators across the venue to assist with navigation
  • There’s an accessible shuttle. You’ll find more information about this service at the following link: Disabled Access Shuttle
  • We welcome assistance dogs and there are two dog relieving stations (next to turnstiles B and C) on the east and west external public concourse
  • Powered wheelchairs and scooters are allowed into the stadium during events. However, please be aware that: 

    • There’s a maximum speed of 4mph. 
    • The maximum permitted size is 1200mm long (including footplates) and 700mm wide.

  • Crutches and walking sticks are also permitted inside the Stadium.
  • If there’s an emergency and we need to evacuate people, fire shaft lifts will continue to operate and stewards will direct and assist spectators to their nearest lift

Services and facilities for guests with visual or hearing impairment

Induction loop facilities are available at all information desks. Please note they are only available for sporting events and are not available for concerts. 

Guests requiring Audio Descriptive Commentary can pick up a receiver on arrival at the stadium from one of the following internal Information Booths located closest to your seat.  We do not take reservations for these headsets and commentary is only provided for sporting events.

Wembley Stadium offers free British Sign Language interpretation of every concert at the stadium. The interpreter is in front of either Block 102/103 or 141/142 and guests are then seated in the first three rows, giving them a guaranteed view of both the interpreter and the stage. 

This is offered at no extra charge to the guests, and there is no limit to the number of tickets that can be purchased in this area, meaning a guest who wishes to use the service is not split off from their group. To learn more about this service, please watch our video here.

Fans can use the SignVideo service to make enquiries and to purchase tickets for Wembley Stadium and FA events. A British Sign Language Interpreter will relay the conversation in real time to the Wembley Stadium disability access team. This service is offered free to all guests who request it. To learn more about this service, please watch our video here

Services and facilities for guests with non-visible disabilities

• Wembley Stadium is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all disabled guests, regardless of whether their disability is visible or non-visible

Our Customer Engagement Team are trained in disability awareness and have undertaken specific training to support supporters with cognitive impairment, such as Dementia. Should you require assistance at a matchday or event, please approach them at an information desk or ask a steward to direct you

Based on your requirements, if standard seating is not suitable, please get in touch with us to purchase an accessible ticket. You can find out more here: Purchase Accessible Tickets & Proof of Disability.

Sensory and inclusion rooms


  • Wembley Stadium has two dedicated sensory and inclusion rooms for use on event days
  • These are located on the northwest and northeast corners of Level 4.
  • Each room has space for 12 guests. This includes two wheelchair users per room if required
  • The rooms are suitable for guests with neurodiversity, cognitive impairment, or other sensory conditions, such as autism, ADHD, dementia, or Parkinson’s disease. Guests can sit in the seats outside the box or watch the match from within the box as required
  • Each room is divided into a lounge style area with seating, alongside an immersive space containing sensory equipment. This is to assist with sensory overload and stimulation gained from being in a different environment


  • For club matches, some of these spaces are allocated to the respective team in each end of the Stadium, and requests to use them will be dealt with via the respective competing Clubs.  
  • For England internationals at the Stadium, a waiting list will be operated. You can get in contact with us here.
  • For concerts, guests are requested to get in touch with us. You can get in contact with us here.

There is no additional charge to use these spaces, there is simply a ticket fee in line with the other areas of the stadium

Reseat request due to recent medical diagnoses/injury/pregnancy

  • Should additional reseat allocation exist we will do our best on an event day to reseat guests. However, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ticket reseats will be based on priority at the discretion of our Customer Engagement Team, not on a first come first serve basis.
  • Should you require this service on an event day, please make the Customer Engagement Team aware at one of the following information points.