No pyro reminder ahead of a busy 2024 season

Wembley Stadium has issued a reminder about the prohibited use of pyrotechnic devices, ahead of the upcoming 2024 season.

The use of pyrotechnics, including flares, smoke bombs, and fireworks, is strictly prohibited inside Wembley Stadium.

They present real safety dangers to spectators, staff, and everyone connected to events at the stadium.

Anyone caught carrying a flare or smoke device inside the stadium will be immediately ejected from the ground and have their details handed over to the police.

The stadium has a number security measures in place to tackle the use of flares, smoke devices and pyrotechnics. These include:

- Additional bag searches

- Additional patrols with dogs trained to sniff out pyrotechnic material

- Enhanced CCTV within the stadium and external concourses

- Enhanced staff training to spot and deal with potential flares/pyro use

- Working with the local authorities and Metropolitan Police to ensure enforcement action is taken both inside and outside the stadium

Brent Council’s Public Space Order Protection (PSPO) also prohibits the use of flares, smoke devices and pyrotechnics in the surrounding area around Wembley Stadium. Any breaches will result in the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice (£100) payable within 14 days.