Wembley Stadium In The Community

Building a local community around Wembley

The new Wembley stadium

The re-building of the national Stadium in Wembley has had a hugely positive impact on the local area of Brent. 

The Stadium is the centerpiece for massive regeneration efforts which will totally transform the local area. The ambitious plans being driven forward by Wembley National Stadium Limited, Brent Council and Quintain Estates and Development plc is well on its way to delivering a national and international leisure destination – a place where people are proud to live and eager to visit. 

The Stadium development, designed as a public transport destination, also prompted the delivery of massively improved transport solutions. More than £70m was invested to upgrade roads, rail and pedestrian routes, partly through Wembley Stadium funding, ensuring that the infrastructure copes with the influx of fans on major event days – a benefit not only on event days but for local residents and businesses 365 days a year. 

Access and capacity at the three main stations serving the stadium - Wembley Park, Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium stations, has been vastly improved and there have also been highway improvements to the stadium access corridor from the North Circular Road.

Local Kids playing football outside Wembley Stadium

At Wembley Stadium we understand the importance of interacting with the local community. We consult regularly and work closely with key local stakeholders - in particular Brent Council and local resident groups.

The Wembley Stadium Residents Advisory Committee, which was set-up while the old Stadium was in operation, continues to meet approximately every 6 months. This is a crucial forum at which representatives from the local residents associations meet with Wembley Stadium as well as key Brent Council representatives (and a number of other key stakeholders including transport partners and the Metropolitan Police) to be updated on stadium activities and to discuss issues and any points of concern.

During concert events local residents and businesses are welcome to comment on noise levels by calling the Wembley Stadium Audio Feedback Line on 0844 980 9811. Callers will be asked to supply their name, address and phone number and any feedback will be passed on for investigation. This line is only operational for music events.