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Doing Our Bit To Prevent Climate Change

At Wembley Stadium connected by EE we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance. As part of this commitment we have been implementing an award-winning Environmental Management System (EMS) which has now been certified by an independent auditor to international standard ISO 14001. Since the Stadium opened in 2007 our EMS has enabled us to make huge improvements across all our activities. Starting from 2015 Wembley intends to develop an event sustainability management system and become certified to ISO 20121. Our Green Team is made up of staff from all aspects of the business and are responsible for the EMS and ensuring that improvements are made in our priority areas which are energy, waste, water, transport, sustainable procurement and communications.

Wembley Stadium Environmental Policy.

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Sustainable Development Policy

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Statement of Purpose and Values

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Going Green

The Going Green document is a report which details Wembley Stadium and The FA commitment to improving environmental performance. The report shows how environmental achievements have been made at the Stadium with case studies of individual projects. See the Going Green 2011 report here and the latest version, Going Greener 2013, can be found here


Wembley Stadium is powered by 100% renewable energy. From 2007 to 2014 we have reduced electricity use and related carbon emissions by a whopping 30%. The Green Team has implemented many procedures to ensure that all business activities are as efficient as possible… You will notice that the iconic arch is only lit on event days and special occasions. It uses the same amount of electricity to power the floodlights at Wembley for one football match as it does for you to watch 20,936 football matches on TV at home


Wembley Stadium is a 'zero waste to landfill venue’. The majority of the waste is diverted out of the general waste stream as mixed recycling and food waste. The mixed recycling is taken away to be sorted and recycled; food and liquid waste is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant to be broken down and energy and fertiliser are produced as a by-product. The remaining general waste is sent to a 'waste to energy' facility where energy is generated and returned to the National Grid. In 2013 the Stadium was one of the first organisations to achieve the Carbon Trust Waste Standard for reducing the carbon emissions associated with waste management.


Wembley Stadium’s water consumption is, unsurprisingly, greatest on event days when up to 90,000 people use our facilities. On non-event days, maintenance activities such as cleaning, jet-washing and watering the pitch consume a significant amount of water. The Green Team continues to work on a number of water-saving initiatives around the Stadium. To keep the pitch in world class condition it is watered up to 4 times a day in the summer, using approximately 10,000,000 litres of water a year.


As a ‘public transport venue’ Wembley Stadium benefits from three major stations and five train /underground lines. Our Green Travel Plan aims to reduce the number of people travelling to the Stadium by car and encourage alternative means of travel which have less environmental impact. We encourage all our visitors to use public transport when visiting Wembley. Travelling by train produces 25% less carbon emissions than traveling by car

Awards and Certifications

ISO 14001 Certification

In December 2013 Wembley Stadium was successfully audited by a third-party accredited organisation and achieved certification to ISO 14001, the international standard that sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and its implementation.

Industry Green Three Star Award

Wembley Stadium has been awarded the Industry Green Three Star Award for continued and improved environmental performance. Wembley Stadium is the first stadium and only the third venue to be awarded the three star award which is the highest category. This award is testament to the excellent work that is carried out by Green Team members and the support from all staff across the business.

Green Tourism Award

Wembley Stadium has been awarded a prestigious Gold award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. An on-site audit awarded the Stadium 85% and commended the excellent achievements regarding environmental improvements. In addition Wembley Stadium was awarded the Green Tourism GoldStar Award in the annual awards ceremony for its outstanding achievements.

Carbon Trust Treble

Wembley Stadium is the first stadium to get the treble – the Carbon Trust Standard for carbon reduction, water and waste. The Stadium also featured in the world's first Carbon Footprinting Gallery in London. The exhibition was held at the Future Gallery to celebrate pioneering companies that are shaping the future of carbon footprinting.

The Stadium Business Awards 2012

Wembley Stadium won the international Sustainability Award at The Stadium Business Awards 2012. The award recognised the achievement, success and leadership demonstrated by the Green Team at the Stadium.

Green Apple Award

The Green Team at Wembley Stadium was awarded the Gold category award at the prestigious Green Apple Awards. The Sustainability Manager for Wembley Stadium, James Huartson and Green Team members Jane Baker and Henry Munro collected the award on behalf of the Green Team at a ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament.

For any enquiries please contact Wembley’s Sustainability Manager at: