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Inside Wembley Stadium

For the location of your accessible turnstile entrance into the Stadium, please refer to the map on Level 1

Please select the links below to see information on the facilities available on the various levels within the Stadium:

Level 1     Level 2     Level 5

There is an accessible entrance at every set of turnstiles for wheelchair users, semi-ambulant visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs. All turnstiles are manned by trained stewards.

There are two dog relieving stations (next to turnstiles B & M) located on the east and west external public concourse. See Level 1 Map for details.

An auditory enhancement system providing coverage of the seating bowl and public concourse areas has been installed. The system will provide event commentary, information and emergency announcements. Wembley Stadium provides a specific commentator for sensory impaired visitors. Headsets are available and can be collected from any information booth.

  • The outer concourse area and ramps are smooth surfaces (tarmac and block work) for ease of access.
  • Wembley Stadium is proving to be the ultimate matchday experience for visually impaired football fans thanks to an exclusive 90-minute commentary service. Read a review on
  • All information desks and kiosks, bars and points of sale have induction loop facilities.
  • There are over twenty lifts and thirty sets of escalators in the new Stadium. Dedicated, accessible lifts are sized for two wheelchair users, personal assistants and an attendant. In the event of an evacuation fire shaft lifts will continue to operate and stewards will direct and assist spectators to their nearest lift.
  • There are accessible lifts at the entrance points of the Stadium serving all levels.
  • There are a number of Wembley Stadium wheelchairs available for loan. If you require a wheelchair, please go speak to a member of the Guest Services team who are located outside the B1 security entrance. They have 'Here to Help' signs so you shouldn't miss them.
  • There are 147 accessible toilets within the Stadium. Access to these toilets will be controlled by use of a RADAR key (if you require a key please go to the information desk or ask a steward).
  • There are seven ATM machines located around the Stadium, all at accessible height.
  • At each kiosk there is an accessible queue point and counter space are available for wheelchair users. Signage, tactile and visual indicators within the Stadium are provided where appropriate.
  • All stewards will be trained in assisting disabled visitors. One of the modules on our steward training programme is dedicated to assisting disabled visitors.
  • Each wheelchair platform will have a dedicated steward to provide assistance where required. Accessible public telephones are located on all public concourses. There are ten information desks distributed across Levels 1, 2 and 5.