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How many seats are there for disabled visitors at Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium has 310 wheelchair accessible spaces with an equal number of adjacent seats available for Personal Assistants. We also have 100 enhanced amenity seats for ambulant disabled visitors, or visitors attending with assistance dogs. The seats are situated on all 5 levels of the Stadium, and are available in all areas of the seating bowl; including halfway line, corner and behind the goals.

Please visit the seating section for more information

Can disabled visitors park at Wembley Stadium on event days?

There is availability for event day parking for disabled visitors. All event day disabled parking is pre-booked, and is only available for Blue Badge holders.

Go to Getting to Wembley for more information on parking.

What is the easiest way to get to Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium is a public transport destination venue. All public transport routes offer easy and efficient access to Wembley Stadium. Major improvements have been made to the transport facilities serving the Stadium.

Access information at stations is available in Getting to Wembley

How many Disabled toilets are there at Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium has 147 accessible toilets within the Stadium, all accessible via RADAR keys. There are also 193 Ambulant Toilets. The toilets are available on all levels.

See more information on facilities within the Stadium

What are the ticket prices for disabled visitors?

Ticket prices for all Wembley events are managed by the event owner and their chosen ticket agent.

Please see Events for more information on ticket issues and details of future Events.

Can I book tickets for future events?

The sale of tickets for events at the Stadium is coordinated by the event owner (e.g. The FA, The Football League, The Rugby Football League and music promoters). The tickets are then sold via the event owner or their chosen ticket agency. Details of how to purchase tickets for every event at Wembley Stadium will be available in Events.

What facilities will the stadium have for disabled supporters?

Access at the Stadium will be excellent, with lifts and ramps to enable fans to reach every seating area from levels 1-5. There will be 310 places for wheelchair users and 310 seats for personal assistants. Extensive provision has been made for disabled visitors, including use of a broadcast system for visitors with sensory impairment. 100 enhanced amenity seats have also been allocated for those ambulant disabled and visitors bringing assistance dogs to events. The design complies with all relevant legislation and the National Association of Disabled Supporters has been extensively consulted since 1999, and indeed continues to be consulted.

See more information on facilities within the Stadium.

How can I get tickets to England games at Wembley Stadium?

Tickets for England games are distributed by The Football Association. Ticket details for these events are outlined on

Can I bring my assistance dog?

Yes, assistance dogs are welcome in the Stadium. Our 100 enhanced amenity seats throughout the Stadium are designed to be able to accommodate assistance dogs. We also have two dog relieving stations on the outer concourse on Level 1.

Will there be dedicated staff on disabled bays?

Yes, each disabled seating area has a dedicated member of staff. Every one of our staff members will receive training in disability awareness. Staff on disabled bays are specifically trained to meet the requirements of disabled visitors.