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  • There are 310 places for wheelchair users and an equal number for their personal assistants. These seats are distributed across each of the levels.
  • There are 100 enhanced amenity seats for ambulant disabled visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs. 2 dog relieving stations are located on the outer public concourse on Level 1.
  • All of the disabled seating areas have been designed to comply with the 'Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds' and allow for good sight lines for disabled visitors. See a seat view from a wheelchair bay.
  • All seats within the Stadium meet the Safety at Sports Ground Legislation requirements for semi-ambulant disabled.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered Wheelchairs and Powered Scooters are permitted into the Stadium on Event Days; but please note the following:

  • The maximum permitted speed for powered wheelchairs or scooters is 4mph.
  • The maximum size permitted for powered wheelchairs or scooters is; length 1200mm (including footplates) and width 700mm.