Celebrity Comments

Hundreds of some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment have played at Wembley since it reopened in 2007. Here's a selection of what some of them thought

David Beckham

"Every young child wants to play at Wembley and, for me, it's the ultimate stadium. I think we can all be proud of the fantastic stadium - it's an unbelievable place."

John Terry

"It’s such an amazing venue. I’m sure this new stadium will make as much history as the old one did. The great thing is, it’s still Wembley- that can never change."

Jose Mourinho

"Wembley is the dream of every professional footballer- a very special place."

Prince William

"The new stadium is absolutely magnificent."

Sir Bobby Robson

"The new Wembley is just breathtaking. Completely mind blowing and even better than I anticipated. "Every spectator gets an excellent view. Somehow the noise stays within the stadium, it sent a shiver down my spine."

Sir Geoff Hurst

"It is magnificent. We invented the game. We deserve the best stadium in the world and now we have got it by far."

Andres Iniesta

"I don’t dream of scoring legendary goals, but I dream of being at Wembley."

Gordon Banks

"The stadium looks magnificent. Bringing the crowd closer to the pitch gives the place a much better atmosphere, lifts the players up and makes them feel good."

Vincent Kompany

"For me, this is the best stadium in Europe, maybe in the world."