Groves anticipates perfect day

Thursday, 29, May, 2014
Froch and Groves-argue at Wembley

George Groves believes he will enjoy the perfect at day at Wembley on Saturday after stating that preparations for his world title bout with Carl Froch could not have gone better.

The challenger was speaking at a press conference on Thursday where champion Carl Froch sat with his WBA and IBF Super Middleweight title belts in front of him.

But Groves is adamant they will change hands on Saturday night.

“We’ve worked toward perfection in camp but this couldn’t be more perfect for me really,” he said.

“To become world champion in London in front of so many people, it’s such an opportunity and what a time and place to arrive. I just can’t wait to become world champion.”

Groves is so confident he will be victorious at Wembley that, like the first encounter, he outlined his game plan in front of Froch and the TV cameras.

“Anybody who has watched the public work outs or Sky’s Behind the Ropes show will know we’ve been working on left hooks,” he told the assembled media.

“It’ll be the left hook that finishes Carl Froch on Saturday night.”

Groves has been adamant throughout the build up to this fight that he will not need more than 6 rounds to defeat the champion.

But the challenger says that if he is forced to fight a full 12 rounds he has the stamina to do so.

“I 100% know I could go 12 rounds,” stated Groves.

“I would have gone 12 rounds the first time, the referee shouldn’t have stopped the fight and that’s why we are here right now, that’s why it’s being called Unfinished Business.”

“I plan to perform Saturday night. If that performance lasts 12 rounds then so be it.”

“I’m going to get better and better with every round and it’s up to Carl to hang in there. I’m in fantastic shape.”

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