Robbie Savage sets new Guinness World Records title for Sport Relief

Thursday, 13, March, 2014
Robbie Savage with his Guinness World Record certificate

Footballing legend Robbie Savage today set a record with his backside achieving a new Guinness World Records title for ‘most seats sat on in one minute’ during day four of the Sport Relief - Battle of the Backsides challenge. After a nail-biting contest that saw the former-Wales international beat fellow competitor Alan Shearer to become a new Guinness World Records title holder by just ONE seat, the pair continue on their race to be the first to sit on half the seats in the iconic Wembley Stadium - a brutal 45,000 seats each. 

Latest stats reveal Savage trailing a significant 614 seats behind Shearer, despite his Guinness World Records title achievement this morning. As Alan storms on in the sunshine, there’s all to play for as the pressure builds during the challenge’s penultimate day. 
As the sun shone over Wembley Stadium this morning the ex-professional Footballers upped their competitive spirit with the Guinness World Records attempt. With their buns of steel now feeling the burn on day four, and having squatted and slid over 30,000 seats each, the pair dug deep and powered through the pain to try and beat their opponent to become a Guinness World Record holder - with 60 seats in one minute the number to beat.

After managing to cover a whopping 86 seats in 60 seconds, Robbie Savage emerged the victor – setting a new Guinness World Records title, and admiring the outfits of the adjudicators. Alan didn’t leave the session empty handed, however, as he was awarded a Guinness World Records title of his own – ‘most goals scored in the Premier League’.
After winning the mini-battle, Robbie tweeted: “I'm a World Record holder! 86 seats in one minute.. Only another 15,000 odd to go #backsides”
Speaking this morning as the pair prepared to take to the seats, Alan said: “Robbie moans, he doesn’t do any training whatsoever! When we’re trying to sit down for dinner we do it for half an hour, and we need a bit of help to get up. I’m at an age now where it’s hard for me. I’m coming up to 44 now, I’m getting too old for all of this high-intensity training.
“It’s ridiculously hard. And very, very, very sore. We’ve done almost 30,000 now, it’s incredible hard on every part of your body – not just your backside!” 
Guinness Wold Records Adjudicator Tom Ibison said:  “It’s a thin line between success and failure, and so it provided as Robbie managed to sit on one more seat than Alan and achieve the new Guinness World Records title for most seats sat on in one minute.  Alan won’t be too disheartened though, as we were able to present the England legend with his Guinness World Records title for being the leading English Premier League Scorer of all time”
At the close of day three, although clocking up an impressive 8,722 seats in his third 24-hour stint, Robbie’s determined effort still fell short of Shearer’s speedy squatting - pushing the ex-England captain even further into pole position with a massive 9,020 seats covered in day three.

Overall latest stats reveal Savage’s current total stands at 29,441, with Shearer in the lead with 29,738. With support from Chelsee Healey and Street League Manchester – a Comic Relief funded project – during day three, the end is in sight finally in sight for the lads, with less than 48 hours to go until the end of their mammoth challenge.  There’s still plenty of pain to come though, with over 10,000 seats each left to go.
To support them in this brutal task, as well as to be in with the chance to win some amazing prizes, the public can enter the Battle of the Backsides competition at Each competition entry costs £5, and the whole £5 goes to Sport Relief. There are some incredible prizes up for grabs including tickets to see England play at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, two centre court tickets to Wimbledon 2nd round or tickets to One Direction on their UK tour.

Alan and Robbie are putting their bottoms on the line in the hope of raising a lifesaving sum of cash to help change the lives of vulnerable people in the UK and around the world. 

Fans can follow all the action from Wembley over the five days with regular updates on BBC Radio 5 live and

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