Froch: This is the pinnacle of my career

Tuesday, 11, March, 2014

Froch and Groves-argue at Wembley

Carl Froch says he is humbled by the prospect of fighting in front of a jam packed Wembley Stadium crowd on 31 May after 60,000 tickets were sold in an hour on Monday afternoon.

The 36-year-old has enjoyed an illustrious career and, of course, currently holds the IBF and WBA Super Middleweight belts.

But the Nottingham born fighter says it does not get any better than fighting at the National Stadium.

“It’s just unbelievable” he said, “It’s the pinnacle of my career to fight in front of a potential full house at Wembley Stadium.

“Very few fighters get the chance to fight in an open air stadium in their careers let alone at Wembley.”

Froch also believes the walk to the ring on 31 May will be something very special.

“I was at the Hatton fight at the City of Manchester Stadium. There was a carpet of people behind me and I thought, ‘wow this is something else’.

“So to walk out to that many people at Wembley, I can only imagine what it’ll be like. It’s going to be unbelievable.”

Froch was controversially awarded the win in the ninth round when the pair first met back in November 2012.

By his own admission, the champion was not at his best that night but says he is ready for the fight this time around.

“I’m in the best place mentally I’ve been in in my whole life for a number of reasons,” he said.

“ I won’t go into all of them but I’m in a very good place so that’s bad news for George Groves.”

“In the last fight it was a shock the way he came out all guns blazing, landing big shots but that element of surprise has gone.”

Froch also admits he underestimated the challenger in the first fight but says there is no way he will make that mistake again.

“He says he’s going to put me down in round three and it’s nice of him to let me know” joked Froch,  “I’ll be listening to him a bit more seriously this time because this kid can fight a little bit.”

“He punches quite hard and he’s pretty fast but round three is being a bit over ambitious because I’m ready for him this time.”

Froch was cool, calm and collected for much of Monday’s press conference but did momentarily lose his temper when he pushed Groves away from him.

But the world champion says he was merely giving the challenger a lesson in boundaries.

“He just got too close to me” he explained, “I could feel him breathing and touching me and when he was talking he was spitting on me a little bit.

“If anybody did that, whether it was George Groves or anybody else, I’d make some room and that’s all I did, I made some room.”

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