Wembley Stadium Rewarded For Environmental Excellence

Wednesday, 31, July, 2013
Wembley Stadium's Melvin Benn and Roger Maslin collect the award from Sholeh Johnston of Julie's Bicycle

Today Wembley Stadium became the largest ever venue to be awarded the prestigious 3 star Industry Green certification for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Industry Green is a certification of environmental sustainability achievement across the creative industries, set up by environmental organization Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University. It is recognised as the leading mark of sustainability within the creative industries.

Three stars is the highest possible rating and Wembley joins just five other arts and cultural organisations in holding this status.

This is Wembley Stadium’s fourth Industry Green certification and the first time the venue has achieved three stars. Some of their outstanding achievements throughout the past year include:

• Reduced absolute emissions (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) from 13,708 tonnes CO2e  to 12,824 tonnes CO2e, a reduction of 884 tonnes CO2e.

• Reduced overall emissions per performance per seat (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) by 10%.

• Reduced energy use emissions per performance per seat by 9%.

• Reduced emissions from business travel by 10% per performance per seat.

• Reduced total waste volumes by 17%. Increased recycling rates from 46% to 65% and composting from 5% to 15%, meaning waste to landfill decreased from 49% to 20%.

• Establishing a comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Management Strategy from 2012-2015.

• Undertaking a range of environmental engagement and awareness-raising activities, with staff, event organisers and audience, for example organising a Green Team Expo and Bike Week for staff.

• The stadium’s work to promote and encourage lower carbon travel to work, such as Bike Week, have seen an increase in the numbers of staff taking travel card loans and registering on the Cycle to Work scheme. 

Roger Maslin, Managing Director, Wembley Stadium, said:

“The Green Team at Wembley Stadium has been working towards achieving the 3 Star Industry Green certification for the past four years and it is testament to the on-going work that has been carried out by the staff that we have achieved this award.”

“Through the implementation of an environmental management system the Green Team at the Stadium has tackled the environmental impacts to make improvements in areas such as energy efficiency and waste management. This has been communicated with audience and event owners to engage with them to review their activity as well.” 

“My congratulations go out to the staff at the Stadium that are members of the Green Team, who are directly accountable for the achievement of the Industry Green certification.” 

Julie’s Bicycle, which runs the Industry Green certification, is a London-based, not for profit organisation working to make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of the creative industries.

Founder and Chief Executive Alison Tickell said: 

“Julie’s Bicycle is delighted to reward Wembley for their consistent improvement in the sustainability of their venue with the highest Industry Green certification possible, three stars. Decreasing relative emissions from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel per performance per seat by 10% is an incredible achievement. In addition its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of audience and staff travel is highly impressive. Wembley is now one of the leading sustainable venues in the country and we look forward to continue helping it innovate. Industry Green was developed in order to acknowledge that the arts can have a huge influence on sustainability opinion and action far beyond their own reach. It’s the work of people like Wembley Stadium that prove this is the case.”

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