The 1948 London Olympic Flag unfurled once more

Friday, 27, July, 2012

The 1948 London Olympic Flag flies above the old Wembley Stadium

After almost 64-years the flag that flew over Wembley Stadium from one of the Twin Towers will be displayed at Wembley Stadium once more.

The flag will be unveiled within the Stadium so that Olympic Football fans and FA & Wembley Stadium staff may enjoy this superb piece of history and learn how Wembley Stadium is inextricably linked with the world’s most famous sporting event.

Wembley was the key venue throughout the 1948 Games, hosting 22 athletics events and the flag flew throughout the Games. There is, however, some debate as to whether the flag actually dates back further than 1948.

There is some conjecture that the flag flown at the 1948 Games was also the flag which flew during the infamous 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. IOC protocol stipulated that all Olympic flags were passed from one host nation to the next, however, the break out of the Second World War means that it’s difficult to ascertain for sure.

The flag will add another superb piece of history to the Stadium, which already includes the 1966 cross bar, famous for Geoff Hurst’s goal which wasn’t, then was; the 1948 Olympic cauldron and tablets and a number of other artefacts that highlights the Stadium’s sporting heritage.

The Flag will be displayed on Level 2 for the duration of the Olympic Football Tournament here at Wembley after which time you’ll be able to see the flag on the Wembley Tours.

Tickets are still available for matches at Wembley Stadium and can be purchased by visiting until midnight the day before the match.

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