Become A PES Star

Wednesday, 15, July, 2009

Do you consider yourself an uber PES fan? Does it take up far too much of your time, and cause friction with mates/dates/partners? If so, you could be a candidate for PES STAR - a chance to appear in the TV and print ads for PES 2010.

Entry is simply. Just send us a photo or a 30 second video that includes you and sums up why you are PES's most ardent fan.

It could be you surrounded by the many PES and Winning Elevens you have accumulated over the years, trophies you have won, bruises that have been accumulated from gloating over victories. Just send us the picture, and, if it makes us laugh or raise an eyebrow, we'll get back to you.

To enter, simply go to PES STAR section of and select ‘enter the casting.’

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