The FA And Wembley Pitch Advisory

Monday, 20, April, 2009

Wembley Stadium is a multi-purpose venue and everything is being done to sustain a heavily-used pitch in such a large structure. The surface is at the heart of the stadium and of the business.

The grounds team has made continual improvements to the pitch since opening in 2007 however the stadium's unique environment continues to prove challenging.

Wembley Stadium is working continuously with independent consultants and the grounds team to assess maintenance procedures and pitch composition. They aim to overcome these challenges and ensure the most suitable surface is achieved for all codes of sport.

Whilst recent changes to the surface have seen improvements in player traction, we accept there are still further improvements to be made.

Wembley Stadium will continue to work hard to address these issues for our next matches. There are ten more events taking place on this pitch including The FA Cup Final and England vs Andorra. The existing pitch will then be replaced after the first set of summer concerts for the Community Shield.

This new pitch will be of a different composition and from a different turf nursery. It is believed this composition will better suit the unique Wembley Stadium environment and make it possible to deliver both a quality playing surface and a quality event calendar at Wembley Stadium.

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