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Robbie Williams

June 2013

Robbie Williams’ long-anticipated Take the Crown Stadium Tour kicked off in style at Wembley this weekend, as an incredible zip wire entrance to the Wembley stage set the scene for another iconic appearance at the famous stadium.

Olly Murs led the warm up, raising the crowd to their feet with a brilliant set – proving the perfect appetite whetter for the main act.

With the crowd suitably warmed up the scene was set for Robbie to announce himself on the Wembley stage... and he didn’t disappoint.

To the back drop of yellow smoke the night began in vivacious fashion with Let Me Entertain You leading straight into Monsoon.

The ‘Prince of Pop’ Olly Murs was soon back on stage to support Robbie for Kids, originally a duet with Kylie Minogue back in 2000.

The song marked the start of a run of songs for the crowd to sing along to, including Sin Sin Sin, Bodies and Come Undone.

As the audience caught their breath, Robbie covered snippets of Lou Reed’s Walk on The Wild Side and Take That’s Never Forget.

The tone changed quickly as Jenny from Norwich, became the envy of everyone in the stadium as she was whisked from the crowd for a personal rendition of Everything Changes up on stage.

“Wembley, are you still with me?” was the call from Robbie.

A capacity crowd responded passionately and the stadium was immediately rocking again, this time to classics Candy, Hot Fudge and finally Rock DJ - before the lights fell and a wave of anticipation swept across the stadium as the crowd awaited the encore.

After a short break, a heartfelt finale marked the end of a great evening. The first song of the encore was the 2002 hit Feel.

Sunday’s show marked the 10-year anniversary his famous Knebworth gigs, and Robbie was clearly moved as he sang a heartfelt version of She’s the One, the World Party song he made his own in 1999.

There was still time for one last song. Of course there was. And no prizes for guessing what it was...

Robbie told the crowd “the Lord sayeth we must start with Let Me Entertain You and thou must finish with Angels” send the crowd into a frenzy.

A rousing rendition of his most famous hit followed...and in an encore to the encore, he left the majority of the 75,000 people singing the chorus acapella as he slipped away behind a golden curtain.

A fitting end to a memorable night...

1. Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Monsoon
4. Not Like the Others
5. Minnie the Moocher (Cab Calloway cover)
6. Kids (with Olly Murs)
7. Sin Sin Sin
8. Bodies
9. Come Undone
10. Walk On The Wild Side
11. Never Forget
12. Everything Changes
13. Strong
14. Gospel
15. Be a Boy
16. Millennium (Acoustic)
17. Better Man (Acoustic)
18. Sexed Up (Acoustic)
19. Me and My Monkey
20. Candy
21. Hot Fudge
22. Rock DJ
23. Feel
24. She's the One
25. Angels
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