The crowd goes wild at the Capital Summertime Ball 2012 at Wembley Stadium

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Capital Summertime Ball

9 Jun 2012

Capital Radio

Coldplay kicked off the Summertime Ball 2012 in style with a hit packed set in front of a packed 80,000 fans in Wembley Stadium. Arriving on stage after a series of explosive pyrotechnics the band launched into their 'Mylo Xyloto' hit 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall". After the song, Chris Martin screamed: "You sound fantastic for four in the afternoon".

The group then played their smash hit 'Yellow' before giving an outing to their Rihanna collaboration 'Princess Of China'. After a rousing rendition of Viva La Vida which brought the crowd to their feet it was time for the powerful riff of 'Charlie Brown' with the band shouting: "Are there any Beliebers out there," before the track. Finishing with their huge hit 'Paradise' the band had the crowd singing along and the band thanked Capital FM listeners for giving them "the best job in the world".

Kelly Clarkson continued the Summertime Ball 2012 madness when she took to the stage to perform some of her biggest hits for the sold-out audience. The original American Idol kicked off her crowd-pleasing set with a performance of her hugely popular track 'Since U Been Gone', which got all the audience up singing along.

Kelly then sang her latest single 'Dark Side' , taken from her fifth studio album 'Stronger', before heading into recent Vodafone Big Top 40 hit 'Mr. Know It All' and told the fans: "this is for anyone who has dated a tool".

The singer showed off her newly dyed strawberry blonde hair and wore a turquoise vest during the performance, which then saw her belt out her anthemic hit 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)'. Kelly then rounded off her Summertime Ball set with a rousing performance of 'My Life Would Suck Without You'.

Flo Rida then got the party started during his enthusiastic five-song set. He started his electric performance with 'Club Can't Handle Me' and the Capital FM fans started bouncing. The rapper from Florida then handed out red Flo Rida whistles to the lucky fans in the front row, before leading the 80,000 crowd at Wembley Stadium to a mass singalong of new single 'Whistle'.

Rocking a giant gold microphone with Flo Rida on the handle, the rapper wore a black leather waistcoat with studs on the shoulders and rock star shades. It didn't take long before the shirt came off, revealing a heavily-tattooed body and screams from the girls in the thrilled audience. The rapper, who has collaborated with J-Lo, shouted "Do we have any wild ones in the building?" before launching into 'Wild Ones' from his upcoming album, out next month.

During his anthemic 'Good Feeling', Flo Rida jumped into the screaming crowds and clambered up into the seats of Wembley Stadium. After he made his way back to the stage at London's Wembley Stadium, he finished his storming set with debut single 'Low'.

Arriving on stage in a black jumper and wearing dark sunglasses, Example launched into his hit single 'Stay Awake' and told the crowd: "you know what to do" before he had everyone on their feet. The star was making his second appearance at the event and told the audience: "make some noise for the beautiful weather," as the sun continued to shine.

The star them seemingly launched into his 2010 single 'Won't Go Quietly' asking the 80,000 in attendance to "scream" before asking the crowd to "see who can jump the highest". After playing 'Kickstart' he asked everyone to get ready to "go crazy" before he performed 'Changed the Way You Kiss Me' with the crowd singing back every word.

Taking to the stage in a stylish black suit and trademark dark sunglasses, Pitbull opened with 'Mr Worldwide' going seemingly into 'Hey Baby'. The star, who is great friends with former Summertime Ball star Jennifer Lopez, also performed their collaborative hit 'On The Floor' and even played a short cover of Lenny Kravtiz' 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'. Pitbull also had the crowd on their feet with his Chris Brown collaboration 'International Love', the Men In Black 3 theme 'Back In Time and finished with the Ne-Yo starring 'Give Me Everything'.

Cover Drive, Conor Maynard and Lawson then whipped the Wembley Stadium audience up into a frenzy during the Breakers section of the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012.

Cover Drive led the crowd through a huge rendition of 'Twilight' . "Wembley, are you ready to do it Bajan style?" singer Amanda Reifer asked the crowd, as the four-piece kicked off their performance. After thanking the 80,000 strong crowd for partying with them, Cover Drive headed backstage while Conor Maynard headed out to perform his debut single 'Can't Say No' .

The 19 year-old singer wore a blue track jacket patterned with leopard print, black jeans, a white t-shirt an neon yellow hi-top trainers for his first ever performance at Wembley Stadium. Conor headed straight out onto the main platform of the stadium stage and showed off some of his best dance moves for his performance of the fan-favourite track.

For the final part of the Summertime Ball breakers section, recent chart sensation Lawson arrived to a rapturous applause from the audience. "Wembley make some noise! We're Lawson, this is called 'When She Was Mine'," singer Andy Brown said while kicking off their performance of the band's debut single. Andy, Adam, Joel and Ryan made waves on the chart with 'When She Was Mine' last month, and got the crowd to sing back every word of their recent release.

2012 marks Usher's second year playing the Capital FM event, and his highly anticipated set opened with footage of a stormy sky before breaking into the opening beats of the R&B star's hit 'OMG', originally recorded with Usher then rose up from under the stage and moonwalked for the audience, while wearing a black bowler hat, leather jacket, and a white shirt and tie.

Usher then removed his leather jacket, shirt and hat to wear just a simple black t-shirt for a performance of his worldwide club hit 'Yeah', performing a perfectly choreographed dance routine this time alongside a group of male dancers. He then gave a crowd-pleasing performance of 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love', walking out into the centre platform at Wembley to get up close and personal with the sold-out stadium audience.

Next up for Usher's Summertime Ball set was his 2004 hit single 'Burn', which then fed into recent Vodafone Big Top 40 hit 'Climax', the lead single from Usher's upcoming seventh album 'Looking 4 Myself'. While singing the opening to 'Climax' Usher led the crowd through the song's first lines, while performing solo at the front of the stage.

Usher then sang his David Guetta collaboration 'Without You' before wrapping up the show-stopping set with new single 'Scream', which saw the R&B star make the audience do just that when he removed his t-shirt to reveal a ripped physique.

"Make some noise, let's have a good time!" said Rita Ora while making her way out onto the stage to kick off her set with 'R.I.P.' Rita worse a white patterned cropped top, cut-off jeans, knee-high socks and trainers alongside dark shades while running across the stage getting the crowd amped up for her set.

"Wembley, what's up?" Rita shouted while heading out to the centre platform backed by fire pyro blazing behind her. "London, hello! My name is Rita Ora and let's have a good night tonight! The Roc Nation signee then told the 80,000 strong stadium crowd they were looking hot tonight, while breaking into the opening lines of her DJ Fresh collaboration 'Hot Right Now'.

Dizzee Rascal made the Summertime Ball 2012 a day the 80,000 lucky fans wouldn't forget as he made his very secret entrance on stage at Wembley Stadium. The stunned fans at went absolutely crazy at the sight of the east London rapper as he strolled on stage in a black t-shirt and jeans. He wasn't supposed to be on the bill, but that didn't stop Dizzee showcasing 'The Power', the brand new single he appears on by DJ Fresh.

The second surprise guest of the day followed as Cheryl Cole rose up from under the stage floor in the yellow, green, pink and orange bodycon jumpsuit to screams from her legion of stunned fans. The futuristic number had flashes of super shiny silver and sequins among its neon stripes, while the singer wore hair loosely pulled back in a messy ponytail, all attention was on her statement outfit as well as Cheryl's killer figure. She danced through new single 'Call My Name' in matching space-age block-heeled metallic platform boots.

The Wanted then brought Wembley Stadium to its feet as they performed some of their biggest singles. Max, Siva, Nathan, Jay and Tom were clearly relishing the immense feel of the huge stadium venue as they ran around the stage with the 80,000 in attendance screaming their approval throughout.

Opening with their debut single 'All Time Low', the five-piece band rose from up to the centre of the Wembley Stadium stage from a rising platform below. "We've been in America and nothing compares to coming back to England and playing Wembley Stadium," the band announced to the energetic crowd in attendance.

The five piece band then led into their 2011 hit single 'Lightning', which appears on their second album 'Battleground', before performing last year's charity single 'Gold Forever', while all of their fans mimed along to every word.

Tom Parker then introduced the band's most recent single 'Chasing The Sun'  and got all of the fans up on their feet to dance along.The Wanted then rounded out their Summertime Ball set with a performance of their Big Top 40 number one hit 'Glad You Came', which introduced the band to America earlier this year.

"How you doing?" screamed Jessie J as she bounced on to stage in front of a delirious 80,000-strong crowd at Wembley Stadium. For her storming opening track 'Do it Like a Dude', she mixed Jay Z and Kanye West's smash hit 'Paris' in the background, as the Essex singer jumped up and down on the spot. Sporting a wavy black bob, the effervescent singer was in fine form for her five-song set.

She then brought on some special guests for her emotional performance. The high-spirited Rizzle Kicks ran on stage to join Jessie for the rap verse of her 2011 smash hit single 'Price Tag'.

The Brit-school graduate went on to talk about her horrific injury she experienced at last year's Capital FM Summertime Ball during the soundcheck, forcing her to wear a cast for months and pull out of many festival appearances.

"A small part of me is just praying I don't fall over or fall off anything, because it's amazing to be at the Summertime Ball and be able to run around in front of you guys. There are stairs, though. They might scare me; they're a little slippery." The 24-year-old took no chances this evening on the massive Wembley Stadium stage, wearing flat trainers so she could jump around just as much the screaming crowd were.

She also wore fierce looking spiked leather shorts, a matching cropped jacket and a black Boy London T-shirt - a label that the style conscious singer often wears.  She took off the bang on-trend jacket for a moving rendition of 'Who Are You', saying: "This is when things get a bit awkward, but I love a slow song".

The singer, known for expressing her emotions on stage, gave a heart-rending speech about her tough childhood experiences of being bullied. The moving speech touched everybody in the crowd in only a way that only Jessie can. But it wasn't long before she got the crowd back in a spirited party mood. "Right, now I've got the emotional stuff out the way, who out there is ready for a boogie? Who says boogie anymore? Just me then." The captivated fans might not say it, but they sure knew how to do it, as the crowd went wild for 'LaserLight'.

As she launched into the final track of her energetic set 'Domino', Jessie made sure everyone was having the time of their lives:"I want everyone in the back to put their hands in the air." She then prowled to the front of the stage, saying: "I want you to grab the person next to you, even if you don't know them, and dance – dance like you've never danced before." As sparkling confetti rained down on the end of her emotion-packed set, Jessie had one final turn at getting the crowd riled up as she shouted: "We need to wake up Wembley."

Ed Sheeran headed out on stage shortly after good friend Jessie J wrapped her set, and kicked off his set with a performance of his recent hit single 'Drunk'. "Have you guys had a good day to day? I'm happy to be here, this is my first time here at Wembley and my first time playing the Summertime Ball so thanks,"Ed told the crowd after then wrapping an energetic performance of 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You'. "This is my biggest gig to date."

Ed then revealed his set had been extended and announced he would next perform brand new single 'Small Bump' , to rapturous applause from the 80,000 strong stadium audience. Wearing a black t-shirt with a green long sleeve underneath, as well as ankle-grazer green trousers Ed gave an emotional rendition of the fan-favourite track, which is the latest release from his 2011 debut album '+'.

"You guys are wonderful! Thank you!" Ed told the audience. "I think it's time for a change of scenery to be honest. I'm going to come down the front. Since this is the biggest gig I've done I'd kind of like to utilise this crowd as a gospel choir," Ed continued, leading the fans through a series of "Oohs", before introducing his next song. "So Wembley, please sing the words as loudly as you can. This is 'Lego House'."

The singer then headed straight into a performance of his debut single 'The A Team' , with the Wembley Stadium crowd shouting all the worlds back at him. After getting all the crowd to raise up a phone light for the final section of the song, Ed bowed out from the Summertime Ball stage to close his crowd-pleasing set.

Justin Bieber then arrived on stage sporting a studded black leather vest and union jack vest as the 80,000 in attendance erupted upon his arrival. As he performed opening song 'Somebody To Love' he screamed: "London, how are you feeling? I'm so happy to be back here at the Capital FM ball."

The teen star was making his second appearance at the event and performed a truly energetic set as he showcased some of his best moves. Just before he performed global smash 'Baby' he teased: "I Have a big question to ask everybody tonight, who wants to be my baby?"

He slowed things down with a performance of new song 'Die In Your Arms' from his forthcoming album 'Believe' backed with just an acoustic guitar player. He then dedicated 'Turn To You' for his mum – the song he released on US Mother's Day earlier this year and asked "are there any single girls" before launching into 'One Last Lonely Girl'.

He then introduced his signed artist Carly Rae Jepsen to the stage dressed in a sparkly silver dress as she performed 'Call Me Maybe'. The star finished his set with the single 'Never Say Never' - where he was joined by Usher for a touching moment and climaxed with latest release 'Boyfriend' as the crowd screamed long after he finished performing.

It was then left to Katy Perry to perform a huge headline set. Katy kicked off with a performance of her 2008 single 'Hot n Cold' while wearing black and white spotted trousers and matching crop top, along with a red latex jacket.

"London! How about a 'Teenage Dream' tonight?" Katy asked while breaking out into her smash single 'Teenage Dream', much to the excitement of the 80,000 fans in attendance at Wembley Stadium today. After leading the crowd through a sing along for 'Teenage Dream' , Katy went straight into her weekend celebration song 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), striding out to the front of the Wembley stage to get up close with all of the fans on the stadium floor.

"England! Did you have a great time tonight? I'm so happy you saved me for last!" Katy announced. "I have never played here before and this is an incredible feeling. I want you to sing along to this next song, it's called 'Part Of Me'." Surrounded by backing dancers in bright blonde wigs, Katy's energetic performance featured huge amounts of pyrotechnics as well as a polished dance routine right at the front of Wembley stadium.

Katy then introduced new single 'Wide Awake' and performed on stage alongside her band for the song, which serves as a promotional single from her upcoming 3D concert movie Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D. She then invited her band members down to the front of the stage for a stripped down performance of 'The One That Got Away', which saw them all raised up on a rising platform.

Katy then shocked the audience with a surprise cover of Queen's signature hit 'We Are The Champions', rousing the Wembley audience up to help her sing the iconic rock chorus. After performing her 2011 anthem 'Firework' Katy urged the crowd to join in with her final song of the night, her lead 'Teenage Dream' single 'California Gurls' .

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