Location Hire

At Wembley Stadium we have hosted a large amount of filming requests from documentaries, quiz shows, commercial advertising and large scale films and TV dramas.

We have a huge wealth of facilities to cater for the many enquiries we receive including:

  • Changing rooms
  • Tunnel
  • Stadium bowl/seating
  • Large concourses - internal and external
  • Reception areas
  • Grand restaurants and hospitality facilities
  • Corporate boxes
  • Internal Service Road
  • Occupational Health medical ward
  • Kitchens
  • Large scale escalators/stairwells

Filming enquiries are dealt with by the Retail and Tours team, if you would like to register an enquiry with us please click the call back request button above.

If you would like to apply to film at Wembley, please fill out this form and email it to filming@wembleystadium.com. Upon receipt of your form we will contact you and advise if we can meet your requirements and organise a location visit if necessary.

We aim to be flexible on shoots, however please note we require a minimum of five days notice from enquiry to actual shoot and on larger productions we would need a minimum of ten days from initial enquiry. All dates are determined by the stadiums event calendar and we reserve the right to reject filming applications which affect the build up, event day and breakdown of an event. Please visit our Stadium event calendar here. Please note that use of specific facilities are also subject to availability.

Commercial Advertising – please note we cannot accept any filming requests relating to commercial advertising where direct association is implied with Wembley Stadium, however we can consider enquiries relating to use of specific facilities.

Filming fees are quoted on a case by case basis however please note we charge a premium rate on large scale movies and commercial advertising requests.